Riding with thisABILITIES” is a story about disabled children empowered through a therapeutic horse program that took place at the historic Claremont Riding Academy in NYC. In it we learn what therapeutic riding is and how it benefits the children, especially Josue, an eleven year-old with cerebral palsy, and Zack, a six year-old autistic child. We even meet them as young adults and see how well they’ve done. However, most programs are privately funded. In spite of the help they received, after the children’s graduation, the stable is sold and the program ends.  In a postscript, there’s a plea for society to spend more money on therapeutic horse riding, and programs like it, so that everyone has a chance to “Ride with theirABILITY.


Matthew A. Handal

A native New Yorker, Matthew A. Handal has worked in the film and television industry for more than twenty years. Starting as an Assistant to independent director Jim Jarmusch, he gradually transitioned to editing. As an Editor, he has worked in feature film, documentary, and news. He has worked with the directors Milos Forman and Steven Speilberg. Matthew recently completed a documentary called “Riding with thisABILITIES” about children empowered through therapeutic horse riding. It won best documentary in its category at the 2017 Equus Film Festival. Matthew is currently developing a documentary on the Palestinian Diaspora and the screenplay “Young Martin,” an urban “Stand By Me.” A comedic, drama he wrote in 2000, “Nowhere Man,” was optioned.

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